Frequently Asked Questions


1.What is the fee structure for the agreements?

  • One time import (one import only), a minimum fee of $220 (subject to change) is applicable for 1-100 kg of imported refrigerant, you can import more than 100kg as a one time import, the fee applicable would be $2.20 for every kg imported.
  • Less than 100kg of refrigerant- imported each year, (multiple imports up to 100kg permissible)  a fee of $220 (subject to change)  is applicable, from the agreement date for 12 months.  This agreement is automatically renewed annually.
  • More than 100kg of refrigerant-imported each year, a minimum fee of $220 (subject to change) is applicable, the fee for this agreement is $2.20 for every kg imported and requires quarterly reporting and payment, as per agreement.  This agreement is ongoing indefinitely. In the event you import less than 100kg in the 12month time frame minimum fee invoice will be raised by RRA for the difference.

All fees are subject to change